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  • Select Product
    Over the years we have created special bottles for each activity. Look at our website & select from the World's largest range of bottles or let us know the below details, so we can suggest a few options to select from. Activity of targeted user : General purpose, Biking, Running, Gym, Boxing, Ice Hockey, Team Sports, Beach, Travel, Camping, Motor racing, Back2School, Childcare
  • Budget
    Our range starts as low as 0.50 Euro / 40 Indian ₹/pc , upto 10 Euro / 850 ₹/pc, let us know your budget, so we can help you select the right product from our wide range.
  • Country
    Using our experience we can suggest a bottle as per your region. Let us know your City, Country & Sea port you prefer to use.
  • Samples
    Let us know the names of items for which you need samples. Free samples are available in existing designs & colours. You can have them picked up by your courier. You can ask us to send you free samples of production (with your courier account) for your marketing team. This will help you pre-sell the goods even before they reach your shore. However, if you do want to see a physical sample in your color and with your logo, before order confirmation It would take 2 weeks & extra set up charges to be paid in advance.
  • Customise
    We need your artwork in Corel draw (.cdr) or Adobe Illustrator (.eps) formats. .jpg / .pdf files are acceptable to begin the estimation process. Please specify all colours in Pantone shade numbers.
  • Digital Proof
    Within 3 working days, we will email FREE digital proof of artwork onto the item of your choice. Computer generated colour of the bottle may not exactly match the Pantone shade, but gives you an idea of how the product will look.
  • Quantity
    Our Minimum Order Quantity for existing moulds is 1000 Pcs per item per colour for bottles in your brand. For full colour logo, minimum quantity will be 3000 pc onwards, depending on the technology chosen for print. We do have experience, capability and interest to meet your large quantity needs too.
  • Quote
    Once you let us know the Model of item you selected, quantity needed, print needed we will send you our best quote.
  • Barcode
    You need to approve the quote & send us the Barcode details of each item that you want us to put.
  • Proforma Invoice
    Once you approve a quote we will send you a proforma invoice with our bank details, you need to approve all details on the proforma. The Proforma & Digital proof is only communication which reaches the shop floor. 50% advance payment & share a telegraphic payment message from your bank, so we can start production.
  • Payment
    Currency : We normally sell in the currency of the importing country. So in the US we sell in US$, in EU its Euro & in UK its GBP. It saves the buyer bank charges as he does not need to convert his money into another currency. It also reduces foreign exchange fluctuation risk, you are buying products in the same currency as you are selling. It also spreads our currency risk. Payment mode : 50% advance by TT when you place order & balance against approval of draft B/L. This is approved by most buyers. TT instructions & bank details will be available on proforma All bank charges outside India to the account of Buyer & all bank charges in India to be borne by us.
  • Credit
    Interest rates in India are nearly 12% per annum. Much higher than your country. So giving credit will be inefficient & make products costlier. Also we are very clear in our policy : we are good manufacturers & should focus on our core competence. We will make very bad bankers & hence do not finance purchases. Thanks to this policy , we have zero external debt & hence no interest cost. So we are much more competitive in pricing & are a stable company.
  • Pre-production Samples as per order
    Within 2 weeks of your order, we can share a pre production sample image. At this stage, changes in product colour are not possible, but changes in print are possible. Can do professional photography for you for a small cost. Can send you samples, using your courier. So you can start booking orders even before shipment is received. Final production would be as per this sample with minor variations within industry accepted tolerances. Normal users usually do not notice such small variations.
  • Standard Packaging
    Each bottle is packed in a polybag. 6 such bottles in another polybag. We have a standardised master box of size 56X56X66 Cm. It packs 144 pc of 750 ML bottle. Most of time gross weight of box is around 15 kg/box
  • Container Quantity
    20’ FCL : 128 boxes x 144 = 18432 Bottles 40’ FCL : 288 boxes x 144 = 41472 Bottles 40’ HQ FCL : 336 Boxes = 48384 Bottles For each bottles, No. of pieces fitting in a standard box, information is given on website and in catalog
  • Custom packing
    As per buyers need labels, tags, shrink wrapping, individual box packing, inner box packing, a different sized master box is available, at extra cost. Boxes we use are made using recycled paper
  • Lead Time
    For existing moulds & volume upto container load, our standard lead time is 4 weeks, it usually takes 2-4 week transit time for sea shipments depending on destination For full colour print lead time is 6 weeks. For new moulds, usually takes 6 weeks for mould making For Bottles using Plant Polymer, need to plan ahead of time as material is usually in short supply
  • Shipping Instructions
    Let us know the contact details of counterparts of your shipping agent from Mumbai, India. So we can organise cargo once it’s ready.
  • Shipment Inspections
    SGS/Intertek are international inspection agency, available to inspect your shipment as per sample, for very small charges. They have inspected a number of our shipments with no problems. If you are dealing with us for the first time & want peace of mind. or If Your specifications are very strict & detailed, Please use this tool to avoid trouble for either of us. You have to provide one week more time for inspection
  • Shippment Port
    Shipment will be handed over to your nominated shipping agent at Nhava Sheva Port , close to Mumbai, India.
  • Shipping Documents
    You need to approve draft B/L. We will send you the final invoice & packing list with vessel details. Send us balance payment , so we can telex release B/L We will send a certificate of origin as per your need.
  • Logistics
    Our factory is located in economical capital of India , Bombay - Mumbai . Its very well connected by sea & air. Mumbai port is within 10 km & JNPT port at Nhava Sheva is about 50 km from factory & connected by well developed roads. We would need name of your forwarding agent ( if appointed ) & also name & contact details of clearing agent in your port. It normally takes about a week for goods to be on the ship & about 4 weeks for ship to reach EU or US main ports. Mumbai airport is also about 15 Km away from our factory & goods can reach buyers within 4-5 days in emergency. As plastic bottles are light weight , freight is charged on volume basis. Goods should be insured by you , do let us know in advance if you want us to do this for you. As goods are light weight & high volume pallets are not required. If you specifically want them , do let us know in advance. Pallets increase freight cost substantially.
  • Screen Printing ( Serigraphy )
    Most Popular process to brand the bottles with custom designs. Strengths: Low MOQ Low cost High Impact visibility from a distance : For best impact use bottle with single colour logo in contrast colour Process Limitations: We can offer 1 to 4 color prints on bottles. Registration is accurate up to 0.5 mm If your design needs closer tolerance than this , please send us your design beforehand to evaluate print reproduction. Some designs need small modifications to facilitate production. Digital proof will reflect such minor changes & once it’s approved , final production would be printed. Print Area Screen printing can be done on straight walls of bottle , can go around 355 degree all around bottle Need to leave out 10 mm from edges , so the screen frame can rest on bottle & squeegee can transfer ink onto bottle. Safety: All inks we use are non toxic, free of Phthalates & heavy metals like Lead. Except white & Black colours , most screen print colours are semi transparent. They change the hue , when printed on a bottle which is not White in color. To address this problem , white background needs to be printed on dark coloured bottles. Set up charges for custom printing your design onto bottles : We need to make fresh screens for each lot of production , get minimum quantities of Pantone matching colours , set up a screen machine for each color of design. This needs to be repeated for the next lot too. So set up charges to make bottles as per your colours & print each of your designs will be charged for every order. For best exposure to brand dark printing in 1 or 2 colours on white bottle gives best distance viewing. The world's largest companies have simpler logos in 1 or 2 flat colours. Do add Name Plate or Player Number into your design - this helps user to identify their own bottle. Please note, wrap imprints center and print directly on seam. Breaks in lines, numbers, letters & logos are unavoidable when imprint overlaps bottle seam. Close registration subject to approval by the factory. Allow 0.5 mm movement between colors on imprints containing 2 or more imprint colors.
  • Tempo printing ( Pad Printing )
    Can print process colours with shading. But print area limitation - 2 X 2 Inches (50 X 50 mm) set up charge higher than screen printing, can quote based on artwork
  • Embossing
    For extra set up charge we can Emboss your logo onto the bottle. Colour of the emboss is the same as the colour of the bottle. The embossing will remain for a lifetime. One side embossing & one side printing can be a great combination.
  • Transfers
    In-mould or hot stamping transfers are possible for minimum 10000 pieces & needs 3 weeks extra lead time. Multicolour half tones designs possible.
  • Shrink Sleeve
    Skin tight plastic sleeve printed with your design in multicolour half tones ( like photograph ) Practical for quantities above 10000 pcs , higher set up charge & 3 weeks extra lead time. Most energy drink bottles are decorated with this technique.
  • Communication
    We normally reply our emails from almost 10 am to 7 pm IST, 6 days a week This covers several time zones & speeds up communication.
  • Sample Request
    Once we have your courier account number, samples of goods in stock are dispatched within 24 hours.
  • Digital Sample
    Once you place order & send us your artwork in .cdr ( Corel Draw ) or .eps (Adobe Illustrator), we get Digital-proof done within 3 working days.
  • Production
    Depending on quantity & item, within 2 weeks of final approval.
  • Production Sample
    within 2 weeks of receiving confirmed order with 50% advance
  • Cargo Travel Time
    Takes about 2-4 weeks by sea About 4 days by air.
  • Express Delivery
    In case of rush jobs, extra charges apply. Depending on job, estimated time can be given, do send us your requirement. Air freight can make goods reach within 7 days to most destinations. If you choose to buy from available stock, we can dispatch in 3 days.
  • Set Up Charges
    For each order we need to get minimum quantity of master batch to mold plastic parts as per your colours. Set up time on machines , mold set up time for each part, wastage of material during set up. To print your logo we need to make fresh screens, get minimum quantities of Pantone matching colours, set up screen machine for each color of design. This needs to repeated for next lot too. So set up charges to make bottles as per your colours & print each of your design will be charged for every order. Off course for large orders of single item, this charges are waived off.
  • Export Processing Charges
    To export goods we need to do lot of paper work and follow procedures irrespective of quantity of goods. Cost of sending goods to port, clearing charges remain almost same for container load or small quantity. Banks also charges to receive payment. For goods less than container load, this charges are levied. For container load, these charges are waived off.
  • Quality
    We deliver Good Quality products as per European safety standards CE. We use 1st Grade virgin materials from Internationally known brands tested & approved for food contact use. Plastic raw materials , master batches to colour plastic, Inks to print your design - all are procured with safety certificates. We use good machines such as with global know how to mould plastic. Our print machine has won top awards for best container printing at FESPA, Germany. We have good systems and processes in place to ensure consistent quality delivered to buyer. Our company is certified as per ISO 9001 : 2008 In process quality check at each stage - molding, printing, assembly, packing & dispatch make sure that product you receive would be top quality. Our workforce is experienced & have made millions of bottles. We have weeded out many mistakes, errors & stupidities from process. We have good amount of internal rejection ( which is sold to recyclers ) to make sure our buyers have 0% to maximum 2.5% rejection on average. Our Sports Bottle undergo over 100 Types of quality assurance tests. We wish to deliver happiness to user for long time. We take resources from nature, with respect to deliver service to humanity with care, for long time.
  • Rejections
    We make products with best intentions. Our customers profit & users happiness gets us repeat business. Still we are not zero defect factory. Would be very expensive to reach that goal. So practically upto 2.5% average rejection, keep smiling (factor this into your selling price) Should any lot have more rejection, please email us image of sample with detailed problem. We have stood by our buyers with free replacement parts or claims as per individual case. However, we absolutely do not take consequential damages or liability. Legal departments have great imaginations & can logically explain how mission to moon failed because janitor had a faulty water bottle. In fact for some huge businesses, claims are separate profit centres. We do not give pain, neither we take them. Our maximum liability is limited to FOB ( India ) cost of product
  • Fact
    We value life & try to take good care of our human resources. Most of people who join us work for us for life.
  • Safety
    Excellent track record for 34 years, no major injury to any worker. We have modified machine design to improve safety on moulding machines.
  • Health
    Regular workers are protected by Health insurance policy. We also provide help to get health check ups done at reduced rates
  • Enviornment
    We have kept factory environment with good ventilation, largely pollution free. Through optimum use of electricity, water we protect nature. Factory waste is regularly sold to recyclers to produce raw material for others.
  • Welfare
    In times of need we have provided all help necessary to our work force. Including support to get them vaccinated against Corona
  • Equal Opportunity
    No Discrimination: Based on Sex, religion, color or caste . In fact we have provided suitable work for physically challenged through "Fellowship Of Physically Handicapped " Visually challenged through " National Association for Blinds " They can almost see through their fingers. Illiterate, uneducated people are trained to do simple jobs & have later been trained for more complicated work. They have time & again surprised us with their intelligence & learning ability. We provide work to mentally challenged workers & aged workers. We have regular workers guiding these workers & making sure that right quality standard is maintained. Providing work opportunity to these section of society is tremendously satisfying both to us & workers.
  • Local Laws
    Since inception we have been following all local laws including anti pollution laws , HR related laws & have never been on the wrong side of law. We do not employ child labour or Forced labour.
  • Why Sports water bottle should be used for promotion?
    Imprinted Sports water bottles make great promotions. They are like mobile advertisements. Sports Bottles are inexpensive ways to make your Brand visible in Classroom, Gym & Playground. They work 365 days a year irrespective of season. Everybody drinks water. Educated - health conscious consumers are carrying their own bottle around . Dehydration causes diseases. Carrying your own water around makes you drink water more frequently. Promotes a healthy lifestyle. Reusable water bottles replace hundreds of Packaged water bottles , thereby reducing huge amounts of pollution & reducing Global warming. Sports water bottles help you to convert your consumers into your Brand ambassadors. When friends see your logo on a bottle , they understand that your consumer has chosen your product or service. This promotes word of mouth advertising. Sports water bottles do not need to take washing/drying breaks unlike promotional t- shirts. One can not wear the same T-shirt everyday to Gym, college & playground. One can easily use the same water bottle everyday - everywhere. Unlike promotional pens , sports bottles do not hide in pockets. Neither are they junked after ink is over.
  • Who needs sports bottle promotion?
    Most products & services are invisible to people around consumers. For example, looking at a person, those around you can not know ....... which teams he support, which banks he uses, which TV shows he like, which oil lubricates his car, which car he rides, which energy drink powers him, which cereal he had for breakfast, or which university he graduated from Sports water bottles help convert consumers into Brand ambassadors at a very small price. They make brands visible amongst friends & allows users to share their experience with the group - thereby increasing sales. Think about how invisible all the products & services we consume are. Almost every Business which needs more customers, needs Branded Sports water bottles.
  • Factory Inspection
    Our factory meets Sedex standards. Various buyers have visited our factory & have approved of our systems & processes. If you need us to follow any specific standard, please let us know the details. Chances are, we are either following it or its under implementation. As most of these needs are common amongst buyers from EU or similar. We surely would like to work with you as per your needs. SGS have inspected many export shipments & have approved 100% of them. You are welcome to visit us, with prior appointment.
  • Intellectual property rights
    When you order products with your graphics, logo & designs. You should have Copyright of graphics you get printed & it is your responsibility. We assume - you have the right to use them. Sometimes we ask for supporting permissions or IPR documents. Please cooperate, as this will protect you & us from potential problems. We do not supply third parties with products under your brand. We do reserve right to advertise the example of work done for brands as reference purpose. Such examples of work done will be displayed on our online websites, social media presence, catalog & trade shows. Branded goods will only be supplied to rightful owners of IPR or their authorised agents & distributors only.
  • Ownership
    Welcome to (“Website”), which is wholly owned by Premsons plastics P Ltd, a Bombay, India limited liability company (“Premsons”). This Website is owned, for the most part, by Premsons, however, this Website may also include materials owned by third parties and posted on the Website by virtue of a license, grant or some other form of agreement between the third party and PREMSONS. This Website is for personal use only. You are only authorized to access this Website or to use the materials contained in the Website (regardless of whether your access or use is intended) if you agree to follow and abide by all applicable laws, and to all the terms provided on this page, which will constitute a binding agreement (“Agreement”) between you and PREMSONS. Please read this entire page carefully and print out a copy for your own records. If you do not agree with the terms or any language provided on this page, you must leave this Website immediately. Any questions or comments regarding, or problems with, this Website should be sent to PREMSONS reserves the right to modify or amend this Agreement without notice at any time, and such modification will be effective upon posting by PREMSONS on this Website. You agree to be bound by any changes to this Agreement when you use the Website after any such modification is posted. Due to the changes that may be made to the Agreement, it is important that you read this entire page regularly to ensure you are updated as to any changes. If you become aware of misuse of this Site by any person, please contact with your concerns.
  • Terms of Use
    By entering this Website (regardless of whether it was done intentionally), you agree and understand that this Website may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies and may not be complete or current. PREMSONS therefore reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice. This Website, and any information or content on this Website, are provided "as is," with all faults. PREMSONS makes no representations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, with respect to this Website or content or information available on or through this Website. Except as otherwise provided under applicable laws, neither PREMSONS nor its corporate affiliates, nor the directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, successors or assigns of each, shall be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of or related to the use of this Website or any other website linked to this Website. This limitation of liability applies to direct, indirect, consequential, special, punitive, or other damages you or others may suffer, as well as damages for lost profits, business interruption or the loss of data or information, even if PREMSONS is notified in advance of the potential for any such damages. PREMSONS does not make any representations or warranties about any affiliated or non-affiliated advertisers that may advertise on this Website, or any a website you may access through this Website. Any such advertisers or website is independent from PREMSONS, and PREMSONS has no control over, or responsibility with respect to, the information provided or activities undertaken by any such advertiser or website. A link between PREMSONS and another website further does not mean that PREMSONS endorses that website. You need to make your own independent decisions regarding your interactions or communications with any other website. The reproduction, duplication, distribution (including by way of email, facsimile or other electronic means), publication, modification, copying or transmission of material from this Website is strictly prohibited unless you have obtained the prior written consent of PREMSONS or unless it is expressly permitted by this Website. The material covered by this prohibition includes, without limitation, any text, graphics, logos, photographs, audio or video material or stills from audiovisual material available on this Website. The use of materials from this Website on any other website or networked computer environment is also prohibited. Requests for permission to reproduce or distribute materials found on this Website can be made by contacting Jurisdiction Mumbai, India under Indian law. Limited liability to FOB cost of products sold. All goods property of Premsons, unless fully paid for.
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